Meet the Team!

The People Charging The Future

Arun Gunasekaran

Founder & CEO
I provide vision, leadership, lead product, engineering, technology and execution at JUMPWatts. In my free time I am either reading, hanging out with my family or doing something fun outdoors. 

Bryan Ovalle

Founder & COO
I bring strategy, growth, execution, management, and leadership to JUMPWatts. Outside of work you can find me camping, moving and shaking at social events, going to concerts, thrusting myself into new learning opportunities and trying to manage my obsession with nacho cheese sauce.

Tiffany Ouyang

Business Strategy
I work on investor outreach and corporate strategies at JUMPWatts. I’m currently a senior at Duke studying economics and computer science. Recently I’ve been getting into cross-stitching and exploring the midwest.

Enrique Berber

I am a recent marketing graduate from California State University, Sacramento who contributes the analysis and implementation of JUMPWatts' marketing efforts. When I'm free, you'll discover my binge watching skills, spontaneous beach trips, and my attempts to increase my win streak in Catan.

Hemakshi Pant

Operations Management
I provide Process Planning and Business Development assistance to the team. In my spare time, you can find me cooking, or enjoying a good movie or a television/web series, or outdoors enjoying some good music, exploring, and clicking pictures.

Quynh Hoang

Market Research
At JUMPWatts, I am currently reaching out to experts from the advocacy organizations to learn more from their expertise on urban innovation and specifically on micro-mobility. During my free time, I watch comedy stand-up shows and fishkeeping.

Nikhil Rao

Industrial Design
I work on the design and development of Docking stations at JUMPWatts. When I’m not working on projects or completing assignments for school, I spend my time playing cricket, cooking and watching Netflix.

Kaushal Joshi

Mechanical Design Engineer
I work on design and analysis of JUMPWatts charging station assembly, and accessories and mountings for the vehicle. My leisure time activities include hiking, cooking, photography and watching Formula 1.

Vladislav Beldymenko

I develop and implement high-level architecture software for both the frontend and the backend of each JUMPWatts application. Outside of developing, I enjoy writing music, going on road trips, and participating in that beach life.

Klaudia Hernandez

Web Developer
I work with the backend and some frontend of the JUMPWatts web application. Other than developing, you can find me hanging and gaming with friends.

Ryan Patrick

Industrial Design
I work on human factors, form development, and material application for the wide range of JUMPWatts products. Outside the time I spend studying design, I enjoy singing karaoke, playing soccer, and rock climbing.

Nantha Kumar Sunder

I work on Computer Vision and Robotics solutions at JUMPWatts. If I am not coding, you can find me playing soccer and table tennis.

Rohan Marathe

Computer Vision
At JumpWatts, I develop and test algorithms to use computer vision running on edge to help in perception and navigation. I enjoy editing videos, playing games and cooking in my spare time.

Alison Yanacek

Industrial Design
My name is Alison Yanacek and I am a senior industrial design student at California State University-Long Beach. In my free time I enjoy painting, playing guitar, and practicing yoga.

Pranav Chavan

Mechanical Design Engineer
I work on design and analysis of Self-Righting mechanism for an E-scooter at Jump Watts. In my spare time I play soccer, video games and pool.

Paawan Garg

Mechanical Design Engineer
Most of my work here is on the mechanical design and testing of our charging stations and their pertinent mechanism scheme. I spend my leisure time working out, painting, photography, or playing guitar.


Akalpit Gadre

Tech Advisor
I'm the AWS cloud and tech advisor for JUMPWatts' web application. I enjoy playing chess and traveling.

Sivakumar Nattamai

I'm an entrepreneur, engineer, and a product leader looking for new problems to solve and businesses to build. I advise JUMPWatts on product and GTM strategy. 

Pinak Padman

I design and analyse the JumpWatts charging assemblies and retro-fitting devices for e-bikes and e-scooters. Outside of work, you can spot me hiking, track racing, traveling or binge watching YouTube. 

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