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Universal charging solution for all light electric vehicles

Charging Dock

Integrated charging, communication, and security

Secured remote docking


High-speed charging & communication

Multi-modal adaptability

Scooter-Charging-Connector_0803-800x800 (1).png

Charging Dock specifications

  • Lock and Charge Mechanism

  • 4G LTE Connectivity

  • Docking Mechanism Up-down pitch accommodation up to 10mm

  • Docking Mechanism left-right yaw accommodation up to 15 deg

  • Charging indication

  • LED illumination

  • Durable Steel Chassis

  • Vehicle identification via NFC

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Universal Charging Solution

Scooter-Charging-Connector_0803-800x800 (1).png

Optimized solution to recharge and redeploy

Multi-modal universal charging

Secured locking while charging

Charging Connector

Scooter-Charging-Connector_0803-800x800 (1).png
Scooter-Charging-Connector_0803-800x800 (1).png

Dock at any angle (Perfect for robotics applications)


Connector that can self-adjust


Dock that is compliant


Contact us if you would like to pilot with us.

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