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Book online now to save 10% on your ride


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Our Mission

Our goal is to build a more connected, carbon neutral world. With so much city infrastructure dedicated to polluting, inefficient vehicles, we need to start at the ground level by improving our infrastructure. Through better, more convenient infrastructure that is no longer built around large, inefficient vehicles we can build a better world.

The World We are Building

The year is 2035. You wake up to chirping birds instead of honking horns due to fewer large vehicles on the road. While sipping your coffee at your favorite local shop, you read about how the U.N. is meeting carbon emission goals for 2040, a common occurrence these days. You take a glance outside to see vividly blue skies, with the distant mountains much clearer than they used to be. The days of dense traffic congestion is done, along with the noise, pollution, and high number of traffic accidents that come with it. Updated city infrastructure makes it easier and safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and light electric vehicles to get around. Sure, it was an adjustment for people to see their cities no longer built around cars, but they adapted. And after a bit, they were happy with the change. You step outside the coffee shop and grab one of the scooters on the charging rack attached to the building and ride to the nearest major metro stop to get to work. Like everyone else, you only go into the office a couple times a week for meetings and collaboration because you have the freedom to work remotely. Your company reimburses you for travel to the office, a common practice because hardly anyone drives to their offices anymore. You are free to live life without walls.

Meet the Team!

The People Charging The Future

Arun Gunasekaran

Founder & CEO
I provide vision, leadership, lead product, engineering, technology and execution at JUMPWatts. In my free time I am either reading, hanging out with my family or doing something fun outdoors. 

Bryan Ovalle

I bring strategy, growth, execution, management, and leadership to JUMPWatts. Outside of work you can find me camping, moving and shaking at social events, going to concerts, thrusting myself into new learning opportunities and trying to manage my obsession with nacho cheese sauce.

Madison Quan

Urban Planning
At JUMPWatts I work on Sustainable Design, Urban Planning, and Graphic Design. I am currently double majoring at Pitzer College in Environmental Analysis and Organizational Studies while competing as a student-athlete on the Pomona-Pitzer Women’s Basketball Team

George Pelch

I lead JUMPWatts' marketing efforts from branding to social. Out of the office you can find me hiking, looking for my next IPA obsession, and planning my next trip (currently looking at Seoul).

Hemakshi Pant

Operations Management
I provide Process Planning and Business Development assistance to the team. In my spare time, you can find me cooking, or enjoying a good movie or a television/web series, or outdoors enjoying some good music, exploring, and clicking pictures.

Quynh Hoang

Customer Discovery
At JUMPWatts, I am currently reaching out to experts from the advocacy organizations to learn more from their expertise on urban innovation and specifically on micro-mobility. During my free time, I watch comedy stand-up shows and fishkeeping.

Nikhil Rao

Industrial Design
I work on the design and development of Docking stations at JUMPWatts. When I’m not working on projects or completing assignments for school, I spend my time playing cricket, cooking and watching Netflix.

Kaushal Joshi

Mechanical Design Engineer
I work on design and analysis of JUMPWatts charging station assembly, and accessories and mountings for the vehicle. My leisure time activities include hiking, cooking, photography and watching Formula 1.

Vladislav Beldymenko

I develop and implement high-level architecture software for both the frontend and the backend of each JUMPWatts application. Outside of developing, I enjoy writing music, going on road trips, and participating in that beach life.


Akalpit Gadre

Tech Advisor
I'm the AWS cloud and tech advisor for JUMPWatts' web application. I enjoy playing chess and traveling.

Sivakumar Nattamai

I'm an entrepreneur, engineer, and a product leader looking for new problems to solve and businesses to build. I advise JUMPWatts on product and GTM strategy. 

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