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Introducing Watty 1.0


Watty's Specifications

  • Bidirectional, avg. speed 5mph

  • Integrated front, rear, and side cameras

  • Secured cargo area with access control keypad

  • Redundant 4G connectivity

  • Front and rear illumination

  • Embedded speaker & microphone

  • Travels on the sidewalk, bike lane, and road shoulder

  • Weather-proof works in rain and snow. 


How Delivery Works With Watty?

How it works

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The customer orders from one of our partners.

Waty will pick up the order

Customer receives a text with a passcode when Watty arrives at their door

Customer inputs the passcode and gets their order (4).gif

Contact us if you would like to pilot with us.

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Tel: 573-578-6334

525 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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