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Introducing Scotty 1.0


Your Virtual Valet Awaits

Eliminate manual labor operations

Vehicle summoning for riders

Parking compliance


Scooter specifications

  • Bidirectional, avg. speed 5mph in robot mode

  • Self-righting when it falls down

  • Integrated wide-angle front and rear camera night vision capable

  • Integrated charging connector

  • Redundant 4G connectivity

  • Front and rear illumination

  • Embedded speaker & microphone

  • Travels on the sidewalk, bike lane

  • IP67 weather proof


How Scooter Logistics Works (3).gif

Get alerts for:

 Bad parking


 In impound zone


 Illegal movement

Fallen Down

 Improved security


 Less vandalism


 Visual aid helps recovery teams track down vehicles easier

Clear compliance violations in seconds not hours

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Coming soon


3- Wheel reverse trike design

Contact us if you would like to pilot with us

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Tel: 573-578-6334

525 S Hewitt St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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